Veronica Lane CEO & FOUNDER

My passion for bringing out your excellence translates into your confidence while managing your teams and stakeholders.

Veronica Lane

My passion for bringing out your excellence translates into your confidence while managing your teams and stakeholders.

Veronica Lane Consulting

“Transform your today into an exceptional tomorrow.”
– Veronica Lane

My Story


I know that I am now living my purpose and I’m so happy to meet you!

I’m a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) with over 25 years of active project management experience and corporate training expertise. My mission is to share not only the tools to success, but also the order of operation so that you don’t have to fumble your way to your greatness. I believe this is so important because that was not a part of my experience. But guess what…my challenges created processes to elevate you.

It’s widely accepted that managers are incented to coach and develop their teams, encourage excellence, and transform groups into efficient working units. The thing is, most of us don’t come out of the womb knowing how to do this. Many managers use a one size fits all approach and expect their subject matter experts to maneuver on their own to greatness. Guess what, that doesn’t work either!

So what does work? It’s going to be my absolute pleasure to show you!



Veronica Lane

Working With Me…

My passion for bringing out your excellence translates into your confidence while managing your teams and stakeholders. During our sessions we dissect business cases, outline your baseline and create project management systems to drive immediate results. You are not in this alone. We will make forward movement together.

Your excellence awaits.

Connect with Me

Veronica understands that knowledge is only helpful when it’s provided to those it will assist.  She’s taken up the torch to shed light on less publicized topics that differentiate the excellent from novice. Veronica’s passion for bringing out your excellence translates into you leading with more confidence and positioning yourself with more assurance.

What Clients Have To Say...

  • I have been able to work with Veronica first hand as she has facilitated training for our many clients. I knew from the moment I first met Veronica that she was the full package. She has a gift for communicating even the most complicated topics in a way that is both understood by the amateur participant and challenging to the more advanced learner. Veronica is not a one trick pony. While she is a Project Management expert, she is also versatile enough to teach on leadership, coaching, communication and other topics. Veronica is a top contender in the training industry and I count myself as lucky to be able to see her in action.

    Kortney Clark
    Kortney Clark VP of Training Operations at SkillPath
  • I  have collaborated with Veronica in the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of project management training. Her professionalism, energy, and empowering personality contributed to the success of the program. She continues to bring these attributes to each of her sessions.

    Lindsey Davis
    Lindsey Davis Director of ModEd, LLC
  • Veronica is one of the most professional and hard working people I have ever worked with or known. She has a passion and the knowledge to match for all things "Project Management" and hasn't wavered in her enthusiasm for the subject since I have known her, which is now many years. I highly recommend working with her, she won't let you down. 

    Amanda Alexandrakis
    Amanda Alexandrakis Founder/Owner, Music Promotion, Inc.
  • Each opportunity I get to hear something from you, whether it is following you on social media or being on a webinar, you always inspire me to go above and beyond in my present PM role and career.  My primary take-away from today's session is to develop my brand statement...Thank you, for being the 'project guru' who knows all and shares all you know. I pray God continues to open the floodgates of heaven over you, your family, and your business.

    Carolyn Longmore
    Carolyn Longmore Manager, AT&T


“The Book of Veronica”
– Beyond the Certification

The Book of Veronica is your desktop companion for everyday navigation of your project management world. If you’re a seasoned practitioner or thinking about becoming a Project Manager you’ll find nuggets of gold that not even your Manager nor your Guidance Counselor has shared with you! The Book of Veronica is your secret weapon to success.

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